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December 15, 2010
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Arcane Shadowscribe - chibi by LadyProphet Arcane Shadowscribe - chibi by LadyProphet
Arcane Shadowscribe - done for :icondesign-a-character:'s name challange.

Of course I know her story somewhat. She's in same world as Galdrin Modric. She is a very powerful magician and also uses her magic to keep her youthful look. Despite that there aren't many men that have ever shown intresest in her, and not really just been either afraid of her or interested in her power.

Over the years she have become rather synical about that. But then through her magic mirror she happens to come across Galdrin and despite never meet the man, just spying on him throught the mirror she starts to develop a crush on the man.

There will be another picture on Arcane coming soon :-)
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